Smart Sisters Know At Least 5 Ways To Annoy Their Brother

Lucasr Quinn and Jane Wilde are not just adopted sisters, they`re also streaming super stars. This week`s video is about five ways to annoy your stepbrother. The girls start by annoying Lucas Frost while he`s gaming so that he dies. Second up is fucking with Lucas while he`s in the bathroom. They wait until he`s in the shower, then sneak into the bathroom to flush the toilet so the water gets hot. For good measure, they steal his towel and clothes so he can`t even dry off when he rushes out in a rage. Their third tip is to make Lucas uncomfortable by slurping popsicles super sexually in front of him. Step four involves grabbing bathing suits and trying them on while standing in front of Lucas as he tries to watch sports. The refuse to move until he gives his opinion on every one. The final step is to make all of the clothes in his closet smell like a girl by putting them on and getting their perfume everywhere.Step five is the straw for Lucas. He makes it clear that he`s done with their shit and Jane decides to make it up to Lucas by stroking his dick. That`s a step too far for Kyler, especially when Jane shoves Lucas onto his back and pops his hard dick out to start sucking him off. Kyler tries to pretend she`s not interested, but watching Jane go at Kyler`s dick is super hot. Jane notices that Kyler is feeling up for it, so she grabs her sister and pulls her down for a double BJ. Once they`ve started sucking Lucas`s cock and gargling his balls, Kyler is feeling much more comfortable.Keeping Kyler on her hands and knees, Lucas gets up behind her and shoves his dick into her doggy style. Meanwhile, Kyler buries her face between Jane`s thighs to eat her sis out. Then Jane gets a ride on Lucas`s man meat while Kyler plants her pussy on his face. Lucas gets another go at Kyler as she lays on her back with Jane helping keep her legs spread wide. With Jane`s help, Kyler peaks in a moan-inducing climax. Moments later, Lucas realizes he can`t hold on anymore and shoves his cock all the way inside to creampie Kyler. That`s not what the girls bargained for, but they take it in stride at the conclusion of their video.
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